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Does Kroger Own Food Lion?

Does Kroger Own Food Lion?

If you’re an avid grocery shopper, chances are that you’ve been to one of the two leading American supermarkets: Kroger and Food Lion.

These popular chains offer shoppers a wide selection of fresh produce, dairy products, frozen meals, and household items – but do they actually have any connection?

Despite their similarities in terms of product offerings and customer service levels, both businesses operate independently under different ownership and management structures.

Does Kroger Own Food Lion?

Despite both Kroger and Food Lion being popular supermarket chains, many people wonder if Kroger owns Food Lion. However, the answer is no.

While Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the US, Food Lion is owned by a separate company called Ahold Delhaize.

Although both stores offer similar products, they are distinct and have no association with each other.

Kroger operates over 2,700 stores across 31 states and reported $123 billion in revenue in 2018, whereas Food Lion has just 500 stores across 7 states. Despite Kroger not owning Food Lion, both stores remain popular choices for grocery shopping in the US.

Is Kroger And Food Lion The Same Company?

Although they share some similarities, the two chains are actually separate entities.

Food Lion, founded in North Carolina in 1957, currently operates around 1,200 stores across the Eastern US.

Meanwhile, Kroger, which started as a simple produce stand in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 1883, has grown into a massive supermarket chain with over 2,800 stores across the country.

Whether you prefer the selection at Food Lion or the convenience of Kroger, both stores offer plenty of options for grocery shoppers.

Which Company Owns Food Lion?

If you’re wondering who owns Food Lion, the answer may surprise you. This popular grocery store chain is actually owned by a Dutch multinational company called Ahold Delhaize. The company acquired Food Lion way back in 1974, and has expanded its reach to other countries since then.

Ahold Delhaize now owns several brands across 10 countries, including the Czech Republic, Indonesia, and Portugal. Here in the United States, Ahold Delhaize oversees more than 1,100 Food Lion stores and pick-up points.

Who owns Kroger

Have you ever wondered who owns Kroger? The answer may surprise you.

While 19.23% of the company is owned by retail investors and 1.70% is owned by Kroger Co insiders, the majority – a whopping 79.07% – is owned by institutional shareholders.

And who is the largest shareholder of them all? That would be W. Rodney McMullen, who owns 3.42 million shares, or 0.48% of the company. It’s fascinating to see just how ownership is spread out among various parties, particularly when it comes to a big-name retailer like Kroger.

What Is The Difference Between Kroger And Food Lion?

While both chains offer a variety of food and drink options, the ownership structure sets them apart. Kroger is part of a larger publicly traded company, The Kroger Co., which means they have access to more resources and a wider distribution network.

On the other hand, Food Lion is a standalone grocery chain, which may make it more nimble and able to adapt to local market needs. Ultimately, the choice between these two chains may come down to personal preference and the specific options available in your area.

How Are Kroger and Food Lion Similar?

These two grocery chains share many similarities, with locations throughout the Southeast and competition against other large chains. Not only do they offer a wide range of products including fresh produce, meats, and pantry staples, but both companies also offer great deals and sales for their customers to take advantage of.

With Kroger headquartered in Ohio and North Carolina being just one of the areas it has expanded to, and Food Lion matching its discounts and promotions, shopping at these stores will definitely help you save some money.

Which Stores Does Kroger Own?

Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the U.S., with about 2,800 grocery retail stores under the Kroger family operating in different states.

Some of the most popular stores under its umbrella include Ralphs, Harris Teeter, King Scoopers, Fred Meyer, Roundy’s, and Baker’s. Besides these, there are other stores owned by Kroger, such as Dillion Companies, Fry’s, Food 4 Less, and QFC.

It also has operations in states like Texas, Ohio, and Indiana through City Market and Smith’s stores. With such an extensive network, Kroger has become the go-to destination for millions of Americans. As a publicly-traded corporation, every subsidiary contributes to Kroger’s success, and collectively it generates a sizeable amount of revenue.


Kroger and Food Lion are two popular American grocery store chains, but they are not the same company. While both companies have their own unique characteristics and offerings, their ownership and management structures are clearly separate entities.

Kroger is owned by the Kroger Company while Food Lion is owned by Ahold Delhaize. Although there are nuances between the two stores such as product selection, prices, and levels of customer service, at the end of the day they each offer a convenient shopping experience and a quality selection of items to choose from.

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